How to create the local server?

For the development of the website, we need a server. Mostly the beginner doesn’t have any type of server and only for the learning purpose, it is not necessary to spend the money on the server. We can create the local server in our system for the development of the website and after the complete development of the website we upload the website on the main server.

So it is a very easy process to create the local server in our system. Many tools are available that can be used to create the server. Two main tools are xampp and wamp and I use xampp tool and here we will learn to create the local server using the xampp tool.Download the xampp tool.

Download Xampp Tool

Click the below button.

You can see different versions of xampp tool for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

So download the xampp tool for your operating system. Like I use Windows so I will download the xampp tool of Windows. Always download the xampp tool of latest version of php.

After downloading xampp tool, you can see it in your download location. (mostly in download folder).

Install Xampp Tool

Now double click on the xampp icon.

A dialog box will open and you have two options, one for installing the xampp and another for cancelation. You have to select YES option.

Now a one more dialog box will open. Click on OK button.

Click on Next button.

Again click on Next button.

Now you can select the location for your tool files. The defalult location is C folder. After selecting the location click on Next button.

And the next option is to choose the language. Here now click on Next button.

Again click on Next button.

Finally, the installation process started. It will take some time in installing process.

Click on Finish button.

Now the xampp tool has been installed and XAMPP Control Panel will open.

You can see modules of control panel – Apache, MySql, FileZilla, Mercury, Tomcat.

Start the server

So now the xampp tool has been installed in our system means the local server has been created. So for using the local server, firstly start the xampp control panel and then click on the start button of Apache and MySql. Now your local server has started.

When you do not want to use the local server then click on the Stop Button of Apache and MySql and then also close the xampp control panel.

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