How to install WordPress on a local server?

WordPress is open-source software to make Websites. Installation of WordPress is very easy that’s why 455,000,000 websites out of 1.3 billion websites are powered by WordPress. It takes 5 minutes in installing WordPress.

Almost every hosting company provides the one-click installation of WordPress on the given dashboard. But here I will tell you how to install the WordPress on the local server that is also a very easy process, after the complete development of the website on the local server you can upload the website on the server. If you know the manual process then you can install the WordPress on any server.

So before the installation of WordPress, we have to create the local server on our system. If you know how to create the local server on the system then firstly create the local server and if you don’t know then you can learn from the given link.

As if you are reading this line, I hope you know how to create the local server on the system. So our first step is –

Download WordPress

Click the below button to download the file.  

Extract the downloaded file

Copy the zip file from your download location and paste it in C:\xampp\htdocs 

Right-click on the zip file and click on extract-all.

Click on extract button.

All files will extract in wordpress-5.5.1/wordpress folder.

It will take some time in extracting the zip file.

After the extraction of the files, we have to cut and paste all the files in the WordPress-5.5.1 folder. This folder will be the main project folder.

So just select all the files with Ctrl+A .

Right-click on the files.

Click on cut

Go to main folder (wordpress-5.5.1) and paste all the files.

Till now, we have downloaded WordPress and placed it in our htdocs folder of xampp.

Now we have to create the database for the website.

So for creating the database we have to follow the next steps.

Now open the xampp.

Start the Apache and MySQL

Now server has started.

Click on admin button of MySQL. (localhost/phpmyadmin will open in browser.)

This is the phpmyadmin where we manage the databases.

Click on New button.

Fill the database name as you want. For example I have filled “mydb” and then click on create button.

Now database has been created.

Open the C:\xampp\htdocs folder

Right-click on wordpress-5.5.1

Rename the folder wordpress-5.5.1. Give the name of your project.

Here I have given the name mywp.

Now, open mywp folder.

And open the wp-config-sample.php file in a text-editor like notepad, notepad++ or sublime.

In this file we have to provide the database credentials- Database name, Database user and Database password.

In our case the database name is mydb.

When WordPress is installed locally the database username will always be root and password always blank. You can see all the given information in below image.

So after editing all the credentials save the file.

Now open the browser and type http://localhost/mywp and press Enter button.

mywp is project folder.

You will see the following page and click on Let’s go! button.

On the next page we have to provide the database credentials again.

After providing all the information click on submit button.

Now click on Run the installation button.

After clicking on Run the installation button a page will open and here we have to provide the information about the Website like Website Name.

Here we have to create the Username and password for WordPress login.

After filling the details of page, click on Install WordPress.

Now WordPress have been installed and now you have to login dashboard so click on login button.

Now fill your admin name and password and click on login button.

You will be logged in and dashboard will open.

The dashboard of WordPress.

In the next article we will see the installation and customization of WordPress theme.

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