What is the domain name?

The domain name is the website name. Each website has a domain name and it is always unique. Using the domain name with “www.” we access the website. Sometimes people confuse with the domain name, website, and website hosting. So first of all it must clear the difference between these terms.

Domain name

It is simply the name of the website after the “www.”

For Example –




Website Address

The website address is the URL (Universal Resource Locator).

The website address is complete with “www.”

For example-




Website Hosting

Website Hosting is the process to host a website on the server to make your presence on the internet. All the websites, we access, are hosted on the server. We have to buy a server to host the website on the server.

So now, one thing is clear that if anyone wants to make a website then we need a domain name and web hosting.

In this article,

  • What is the domain name?
  • How does the Domain Name work?
  • Types of Domain Name.
  • Who does provide and manage the Domain Names?
  • Which type of domain name is perfect for you?
  • How to buy a domain name?

What is the Domain Name?

Each website exists on the internet, and the internet is a network of computers connected through cables. All the computers in the network can connect to each other. So to connect a computer the internet provides an IP address to each computer. An IP address is like  44.398.22.1. So it is difficult to remember the IP address for a human being that’s why the concept of the domain name is invented.

A domain name may be a combination of alphabets, numbers, and hyphen ( – ) but it is good to have only alphabets in the domain name.

For example- shubhamverma.in

How does the domain name work?

For accessing the website we enter the URL (website address) in the browser. The browser sends a request to a global network of servers that forms the domain name system.

Then these servers find the name servers associated with the domain and then request is forwarded to these servers. The websites are stored on these servers. These servers are managed by computers of the server company. These computers are called Web Server. These web server finds the web pages and gives the response to the given request by the user.

Types of Domain Name

A domain name has a name and an extension.

For example – www.google.com and www.shubhamverma.in

The names are – “google” and “shubhamverma”

And the extensions are “.com” and “.in”

Domain names come with various types of extensions like .com, .in, .org, .info, .net and many more.

Based on the extensions domain names are of three types.

  1. Top-Level Domain Name
  2. Country Code Level Domain Name
  3. Sponsored Level Domain Name

Top-Level Domain Name

Top-level domains are the most popular domain name. These are managed on the top level of the domain name system. The most recommended and popular extensions of top-level are .com, .net, .org.

Some other top-level domains are .biz, .club, .info, and more but these are not so popular and it is not good to use these extension’s domain names.

Country Code Level Domain

These domain names are country-specific domains. If your target audience is the country-specific then the country code level domain is good to use. The extensions of these types of domains are like “.in” for “India”, “.uk” for the “United Kingdom”, and “.sg” for “Singapore”.

Sponsered Level Domain

Some domain names are top-level domain names specific to a category like “.edu” for “education”, “.gov” for “government website”.

Who does provide and manage the domain names?

ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

ICANN is a non-profit organization that makes the policies of domain names. ICANN permits other companies to sell the domain names. The companies that sell the domain names are called Domain Name Registrars. These registrar companies manage the records, have the authority of renewal domain name on behalf of the domain name owner. A domain name can be transferred to another registrar company.

Which type of domain name is perfect for you?

So if you want to create a website then you have to choose a perfect domain name. So when we decide the domain name we have to keep some important points in our mind.

  • Make sense

The domain name must represent you, which means if you are the owner of a company or business then the domain name must include the business category or business name.

For example – A company provides the services of elevators(lift) installation and the name of the company is “Krompton Elevator” then in the domain name if we include the name of the company and also the business category then anyone can easily understand the Website’s perspective.

The domain name of the company is kromptonelevator.in

The other possible names are kromptonelevators.in, kromptonlift.in, kromptonlift.com, etc.

  • Don’t include number and hyphens

The domain name does not need to be very long. If your domain name may have one word or few words and makes the sense together then it is best. Always avoid the numbers and hyphens in the domain name. If we include hyphen or numbers in the domain name then it may be confusing for anyone or when a user writes the URL in a browser then he may forget to include the hyphen, numbers.

For example – krompton elevator can also have krompton-elevator.in, but a user may forget to type hyphen or may have difficulty to type it.

So we should never prefer the domain name including hyphen and numbers.

  • Try to figure out your domain name with “.com”. “

“.com” is the most popular domain name and easy to remember.

  • Use a short and memorable name.

How to buy a domain name?

So anyone can buy a domain name from any registrar company. Many companies sell domain names. The most popular companies are –

  • Siteground
  • Go daddy
  • Hostgator
  • Blueshot

You have to create an account on the website of the company and then you can buy the domain name. The company permits you to manage the domain name like on which server you want to host your website, to secure your website or redirect the website, etc.

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