What is the Website?

There is no doubt at present website is the most important thing on the internet. And we all use the website for any kind of work like shopping, reading books, study materials, entertainment, and many more.

In 2020 there is a total of 1.3 billion websites that exist on the internet.

Top 10 Websites in 2020

Alexa ranks websites based on a combined measure of page views and unique site     users and creates a list of most popular websites based on this ranking time-averaged over three-month periods.

These are the top 10 websites since 25 August 2020

  1.  www.google.com
  2. www.youtube.com
  3. www.baidu.com
  4. www.sohu.com
  5. www.facebook.com
  6. www.taobao.com
  7. www.360.cn
  8. www.gd.com
  9. www.yahoo.com
  10. www.amazon.com

So the first thing is to exactly understand “What is a website?” and some people are also confused with the terms like “web page, website, web server, and search engine”. We will understand all these terms.

So now

What is a Website?

A website contains many web pages and each website has a main page that is called a Home Page. Whenever we open a website firstly its home page is opened and from a home page, we visit all other pages because all these web pages are linked to each other with the help of hyperlinks. The home page is also termed as ‘start page’ and ‘index page’.

www.google.com Home Page

Here www.google.com is a website.

In this article, we will discuss

  • What is the website address?
  • Why do we use the website?
  • How a user can access (use) website?
  • Types of websites?
  • How a website can be created?

Website Address 

In simple words a website address is the name of a website like “www.facebook.com, www.youtube.com, www.google.co.in” and in technical terms, website address is known as “URL (Universal Resource Locator)”. Each website has a website address and these addresses are unique with .com, .in .co.in, and many more. If we say “www.xyz.com” and “www.xyz.in” then these are two different websites.

www.facebook.com is a website address

Why do we use a website?

We use the website for accessing information about anything, shopping, entertaining and nowadays there are many types of websites for various purposes. So according to our needs, we use a website. For example, if we want to purchase anything then most people access websites like amazon.com, flipkart.com, snapdeel.com, and also more. If we want to read news online then we access a website like hindustantimes.com, timesofindia.indiatimes.com, jagran.com, etc. Later we will discuss various types of websites.

How can user access (use) a website?

To access a website is so simple. For accessing a website we need a browser (example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, edge, etc.) and a correct website address.

Google Chrome Browser
  1. Open the browser.
  2. Type the website address in the browser.
  3. And press the “enter” button.

If you don’t have the proper website address then you can also use the search engine like Google search engine. Just type the website name in the search engine as you remember, the search engine will give you some results then you may find the exact website or the related websites.

Types of websites

If we talk about the types of websites then there are two types – Static Website and Dynamic Website.

Static Website   

A static website is a simple website having some HTML documents, CSS files, and JavaScript files. These types of websites are created for providing one-time information just like your business card having the details about your business like product or services, your business addresses your contact information, etc. Simply means these types of websites have such type of information which no need to be changed on regular basis.

Dynamic Website 

A Dynamic Website – Flipkart

A dynamic website is a website having HTML documents, CSS files, and JavaScript files, and these types of websites are created for providing the information regularly like news websites and providing their product or service to customers through online business like amazon.com, flipkart.com. So in simple words, these types of websites require content changing on regular basis.

Categories of Website

There are billions of websites on the internet and each website is for a specific purpose or say requirement. So according to the use of the website, we can categorize the website into the following categories

  • Archive Website
  • Blog.
  • Business website and corporate website.
  • Community website.
  • The content website and information website.
  • Dating website.
  • E-commerce website.
  • Gaming website.
  • Government website.
  • Q&A website.
  • Malicious website.
  • Media sharing website.
  • Mirror website.
  • News website.
  • Personal website.
  • Personality website.
  • Portal
  • Review website.
  • School website.
  • Scraper website.
  • Search engine website.
  • Social networking website.
  • Social news website
  • Webmail website.
  • Wiki website.

Archive Website 

The archive website is a website that contains information about another website. For Example, www.archive.org



A blog website is a website created by an individual to share the information which they have. For example, if you know about cooking then you can share your knowledge with people by making a blog website. Simply write the blogs in which you will tell how to cook a recipe. If you have a blog website then you can also earn money online using Google Ad Sense and through affiliate marketing.

For example, www.shubhamverma.in

Business Website

A business website or corporate website is created for providing information to customers. The information like the products or services of your business, the business address, contact information, and may have other information. Mostly these types of websites are static websites.

For Example, www.kromptonelevator.in

Community Website

A community website is a website or it may be a section of a website where the people can chat together to find out the solution to any problem. Example of community websites is github.com and stackoverflow.com 

www.github.com Community Website

Content website

A content website or information website is a website on which the information is provided related to a specific category.

For example, www.neilpatel.com (for marketing content)

www.neilpatel.com Content Website

Dating Website 

The dating websites are created for people to meet the people according to their choice. Dating Websites are dynamic websites. People can register on the website and provide his/her information to the website. So people can find out other people according to their interests.

For example, www.okcupid.com

www.okcupid.com Dating Website

E-commerce website

An e-commerce website is created for doing online business. If you have any business and you sell the products and you also want to do online business then you should have an e-commerce website.

Nowadays almost everyone purchases the products online and mostly used e-commerce websites in India are flipkart.com, amazon.com, snapdeel.com. These are the most popular and used website. But in the world of the internet if you have any business of selling products then you should also have an e-commerce website.

www.amazon.com E-Commerce Website

Affiliate Website

An Affiliate Website is a website that sells the products of other websites as a third party.

If any person purchases the product through the affiliate website then the main website will give some commission to the affiliate website.

Cashback Website

A cashback website is much more like an affiliate website. If you purchase the products from the cashback website then the main website will provide the commission to the cashback website and the owner of the cashback website will provide some cashback to you.

For example, www.freekaacash.com

www.freekaacash.com Cashback Website

Auction Website

An Auction Website is a website where people can sell their goods to anyone and people can buy anything. For example eBay and olx.

www.ebay.com Auction Website

Classified Ads Website

A classified ads website is a website where anyone can list his services at minimum cost or free of cost.

For example, www.classifiedads.com

www.classifiedads.com Classified Ads

Crowdfunding Website

A crowdfunding website is a website where people can support a person, business, or anyone by doing the onetime payment or monthly payment.

For example, www.crowdfunding.org

www.crowdfunding.org Crowdfunding Website

Gaming Website

A gaming website provides the features of playing the games on the website. Don’t be confused with a website that provides information about games on the website but we could not play the games on the website. 

Government Website

A government website is a website that may be of any government department or state govt. Now the present time almost each government department has a website to provide information to the public about government services.

www.tourism.gov.in Tourism Government Website

Q&A Website  

questions and answers website is a site where you can post questions to find out the solution of any problem and also can provide the answers of other users’ questions.

For example, www.quora.com

www.quora.com QnA Website

Malicious Website

malicious website is any website that was set up to infect another computer or to collect the data from another computer. Such types of websites have some malicious links. Whenever a user clicks on the links then spyware or viruses are automatically installed on the computer. This spyware affects our computer system badly. So we must have the antivirus on our computer.

Phishing Website

Phishing websites are websites that are designed to look like an official website. So that you might provide your sensitive data like bank details by mistake. So whenever you use a website, must be sure that the website is official not a phishing website.

Media Sharing Website

A Media Sharing Website is a website where a user can share the content in media forms like video, image, and audio. For example, YouTube for sharing the video, Flickr for sharing the images.

www.flickr.com Media Sharing Website

Mirror Website

mirror website is a website that is created as a complete duplicate of another website. The mirror website is created when a website becomes overloaded. It helps with a website’s speed in different parts of the world.

News Website

A News Website is a website to provide the local news, national or international news. For Example, jagran.com and hindustantimes.com provide the news to us.

www.hindustantimes.com News Website

Personal Website

personal website is a website created by an individual that talks about their personal life, about his profession or passion, provide some type of content. You can create a personal website as a blog website or social sharing website where you can share your personal life.

For example, www.shubhamverma.in

Personality Website

personality website is a website about a person like an artist, celebrity, musician, author, or any other person. These types of websites are created by someone with the affiliation of that person, such as an agency, or fan of the personality.

For example, www.johnabraham.com

www.johnabraham.com Personality Website

Review Website

review website is a website that provides reviews about a product or service. For example, www.levelvoice.com

www.levelvoice.com Review Website

School Website

school website is a website created to represent a school or college. The school website provides the all information about the schools like how qualified staff, the achievements of schools, facilities of schools and may also provide the website as a platform for parents and teachers to communicate.

A college website – www.srajanfoundation.org

www.srajanfoundation.org College Website

Scraper Website

scraper website is a website that is illegally stealing (scraping) another website’s content. These types of websites are created to increase traffic and generate revenue. These types of websites are against the advertisers’ terms of service and, whenever caught, they are blocked by the company providing the advertising. You may be confused with scrap and mirror websites, so it must be clear that a mirror website is an official website of a website to reduce the load of the website, and scrap website is created by stealing the content of another website.

Search Engine Website

search engine website is a website to search for anything on the internet. For example, google.com and yahoo.com.

www.google.com Search Engine Website

Social Networking Website

social networking website is created to connect users with friends, family, and organizations. The service of such types of websites is free. For example, facebook.com, twitter.com, instagram.com.

www.instagram.com Soacial Media Website

Social News Website

social news website is a website on which the user of the website can post about anything and all other users can vote if they enjoyed or liked the content. For example Reddit.

www.reddit.com Social News Website

Webmail Website

webmail website is a website where a user can send the emails, receive the emails. For example www.gmail.com

www.gmail.com Webmail Website

Wiki Website

wiki website is created using Wiki software and is can be edited and updated by more than one user.

How a website can be created?

So if we want to create a website then we should have the purpose of creating a website. At present, the digital presence of oneself is the most important thing if you do business then you should have a website. You can create a personal website just for blogging or sharing personal life. As we mentioned above various categories of websites so if you have any idea then you can create a website from that category for yourself.

So the question is how to create a website? So for creating the website we require the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Using an HTML editor we can create a normal static website for digital presence. But if we want to create the dynamic website then we also require the knowledge of programming language like PHP, java, python.

If we know these languages then we can create a website just by coding. But at present, if anyone doesn’t know about the programming language (PHP, java, python, etc.) and scripting languages (HTML, CSS) then there are many content management system tools are available by using which we can create a wonderful website static as well as dynamic websites.

Create a website using Content Management System

Word Press

Content Management System (CMS) tools are free of cost tools to use. In the market some important tools are like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are available. Mostly used tool is WordPress, according to a survey by Netcraft, at present total active websites is at over 1.3 billion, and 455,000,000  websites are using WordPress right now. So far creating a website using the CMS tool, first of all, we have to decide that by using which tool we will create a website.

After selecting the CMS tool we have to use a theme and plugins of that tool for the complete functionality of the website. Each CMS tool provides a front-end and back-end. Front End is the view that is seen by a normal user and the back-end is the administrator view which is used by the one who is created a website. All things are customized at an administrative view like the color, fonts, images, video pages, the post of the website, and also the other functionalities like payment gateway, search engine optimization.


Self Programmed Website

If we know programming languages and scripting languages or have the desire of knowing these languages then after learning the languages we can create a website from scratch. We can create a static website just by using the HTML and CSS, and for more functionalities, we have to use programming languages like PHP, java, python. If a website is a professional business website and having aspects like security and other functionalities then an individual can create the website by programming or can hire a programmer.

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