What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source software to make a website. This open-source software is also termed as Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is the most popular CMS tool for making a website. According to the survey by Netcraft, at the present total active website is at over 1.3 billion, and 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress.

History of WordPress –

WordPress Software was developed by American developer Matt Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little. It was released on May 27, 2003, under the GPLv2 license. Initially, it was used for making the blog websites. Now the WordPress is used for making a variety of websites.

Is it free to use?

There is no cost to use WordPress. Anyone can use WordPress in free of cost. This is a very nice platform for making the website from blogging to e-commerce to a business website because it doesn’t require coding knowledge. After knowing some tutorials like how to install WordPress? , How to install a theme? , How to install the plugin and how to customize the website in WordPress? , Anyone can create the website. You can see all these tutorials from the given links.

Which type of website can be made?

WordPress is used for both the back-end (the view of the website from where the website is customized ) and the front-end (the view of the website which is seen by a user) of the Website. Initially, WordPress has been developed for making a blog website. But now the core of WordPress has been changed, we can make various types of website. Here are some types of websites are mentioned that can be made using WordPress. These are a few examples of websites. You can know in detail about all types of Websites by clicking here.


A blog website is a website created by an individual to share the information which they have. For example, if you know about cooking then you can share your knowledge with people by making a blog website.

E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website is created for doing online business. If you have any business and you sell the products and you also want to do online business then you should have an e-commerce website.

Business Website

A business website or corporate website is created for providing information to customers. The information like the products or services of your business, the business address, contact information, and may have other information.

Educational Institute Website

An educational institute website is a website created to represent a school or college. The school website provides all information about the schools like how qualified staff, the achievements of schools, facilities of schools.

QnA Website

question and answers website is a site where you can post questions to find out the solution to any problem and also can provide the answers to other users’ questions.

News website

A News Website is a website to provide the local news, national or international news.

You can know in detail about all types of Websites by clicking here.

Official Websites of WordPress

WordPress has two official websites.

The difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com


  • WordPress.org One of the website of WordPress organization that provides free open-source software.
  • No need to create an account on WordPress.org.
  • Simply download the software from WordPress.org.
  • We install the software on the server and make the website.
  • For hosting the website we have to buy a domain name and server.
  • WordPress.org is a non-profit foundation of Automattic.


  • WordPress.com is part of the wordpress.org.
  • We have to create an account on WordPress.com to make a blog or website.
  • It is not necessary to buy a domain name and server.
  • The URL of the website has “wordpress” like blog.wordpress.com.
  • We can use the premium services like custom domain name, google analytics integration, storage space, plugins, and themes.
  • WordPress.com is a profit foundation.

In general, when anyone says WordPress then it refers to  WordPress.org. If anyone wants to make a website for your existence on the internet that makes a sense as an individual or organization then to use WordPress.org is the best option.

Why should I use WordPress?

WordPress is free, and it can not be the only reason to use WordPress. The main reason is that we can make the website which we exactly want and the bonus point is that it is free and some other benefits of WordPress are –

1. Very simple to use –

To make a website is very simple using WordPress. Easy to create and publish the website.

2. Free of cost –

No charges are applied to the use of WordPress. Download it from WordPress.org and install it on the server.

3. Flexible –

WordPress is very flexible. From a blog website to e-commerce, business, any other dynamic websites can be made.

4. No requirements of coding skill –

If anyone doesn’t know about HTML, CSS, js, and programming languages. He can make a website by knowing about customization in the WordPress dashboard.

5. Simple to extend the features of Website –

WordPress allows us to add various types of features on the website by simply using the WordPress Plugins. A plugin is a software that is installed on WordPress to extend the functionality of the Website. WordPress has its directory of free plugins. Just because of this feature of WordPress many developers develop the plugins and provide the plugins to WordPress users for making the website to the next level. The developer provides these plugins with a free and premium version. There is a market place for such types of plugins. Many developers sell their plugins but we have to aware before using the plugins because many developers develop the plugins for spamming or any wrong intention. So I always recommend that always download the plugins from the WordPress directory or purchase from a trusted marketplace like Envato.

Envato Plugins

6. Customizable WordPress Theme –

For the front-end of the website we use the WordPress themes. To change the entire user interface of the website is very easy. WordPress allows us to customize the different sections of the Website. Like the plugins, WordPress has its theme directory and many companies and developers provide premium themes. Envato is also the most trusted marketplace of themes.

Envato Themes

7. WordPress provides security –

WordPress also provides security from unwanted access. Many plugins are available for the security of the website. We can simply install the plugins and ensure the security of the website.

8. Simply delete the cache of files –

On a normal website to delete the cache require some technical knowledge but in WordPress, we have to click the button to delete the cache.

Features of WordPress


SEO is a technical part and in WordPress, no need of technical skills. Doing SEO we index the content of our website on google or another search engine. 

Speed –

To increase the speed of the Website is easy. WordPress has many plugins for deleting the cache data of the website that helps to increase the speed of the website.

WordPress websites are mobile friendly.

Media file library –

WordPress has its media library. We can upload our media files like images,  audio, video, and gif files. We can insert these files on the Websites.

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress is used by many large organizations like

So if anyone is a beginner and don’t have coding skills and he/she wants to make the website. So the best way to make a website is WordPress with lots of features.

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